Originally a small town in the central Westerlands, a week’s travel from Neverwinter, Thundertree served as a small foresting village, exporting lumber to Neverwinter and Bridgepuddle. 20 years ago, a nearby volcano erupted, sewing ash into the sky, and disupting this industry. Soon after, a vicious green dragon known as Venomfang attacked the village, killing many and causing the rest to flee.


In their early days, the party parleyed with Venomfang, persuading him to leave Thundertree for a new lair. Since then, Thundertree has slowly been built up from ruin under the measured guidance of Lord Amafrey Thundrik, who has taken his place as ruler of the growing city.

Once a blighted ruin twice-devastated by the ire of nature in a dangerous land, Thundertree has been restored. The volcanic activity that once throttled the region’s industry has ended. Venomfang, has been displaced. The considerable efforts of a morally ambiguous and eclectic band of adventurers have brought stability to the region, allowing the population of the once-decimated village to swell into a rejuvenated town.

From the (quite literal) ashes of a tower that had over time served as both a reminder of his home and a symbol of dread, a new Stronghold was constructed. This tower now serves as a beacon of hope, a testament to the strength and resilience of the human people, and a stalwart defender in the dangerous lands upon which it stands.


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