A large and diverse city seated on the edge of the Caligoian Empire. This circular city is surrounded by a 50-foot tall wall to protect against intruders, due to it’s relatively vulnerable geographical location. The city itself, beyond the typical high elf population, is a lively mash-up of cultures from across the land, allowing for an open and welcoming city even within the harsh militaristic empire of Caligo. Contained within this great wall of dark stone, all structures are built up several stories high. hanging precariously over narrow winding streets. At the heart of the city, the small spires of the elite jut towards the sky, themselves being dwarfed by the massive tower headquarters of The Academy.


The free exchange of ideas and research in this city has made it a haven for the magically inclined and adventurous. Though the hand of the Emperor Vocivus is felt here, it is rumored that he has lessened his rigid control of the city. This has allowed the mages of the city to flourish, developing new (and powerful) techniques for the Empire. All citizens who show arcane leanings are sent promptly to Strinosa to be tested and trained in The Academia Perpessio (commonly referred to simply as The Academy). This is considered to be a civic duty, as all citizens must strive to achieve their full potential in service to the empire.

The strange collection of obscure and diverse cultures, combined with the arcane focus of the city and the relative leniency of the regulations governing much of Caligo makes Strinosa a hotbed of trade and production. The greatest craftsmen in the empire journey here to train, while magical items unseen anywhere else in the world are created and sold in shops. The largest chain of magic item shops in the city is Ethenden Arcanists, sanctioned by the Emperor himself to regulate magic item trade in Caligo.


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