Corwen's Folly

A frigid and deserted village on the eponymous island


  • Several hundred years ago, a human lord named Corwen, from the Westerlands, sought to found his own kingdom
  • He built a small town far south of The Westerlands, near the border of Caligo, in a time where the two nations were much less amicable.
  • The burgeoning town was attacked by Calogoian soldiers and razed, sending the survivors further south. This site is now called Broken Ridge
  • The soldiers pursued the survivors south over months, while they tried to rebuild several times, until they were forced to flee the continent entirely
  • They found a small frozen island, and built shelters to survive the elements, eventually gaining the name Corwens Folly, and he died soon after

*The island is now uninhabited by the descendents of these settlers, as The Fellowship rescued them and brought them back to Phandalin.
*The island was also inhabited by a Frost giant, some shipwrecked Hobgoblins to the west,, and Goliath tribes to the east. Some Goliath’s abandoned by their herd were incorporated into the village, and now live in Phandalin.

Corwen's Folly

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