The Order of the Eclipse

The Order of the Eclipse is a heavily structured militaristic guild, dedicated to the eradication of extraplanar threats, with a focus on undead creatures. The Order makes its headquarters in the Umbral Fortress, a tall and stark structure of black stone, in the city of Zammarud.

The Order is a highly disciplined organization, and while they welcome those who bring personal stakes to the mission, those who do are kept under close observation. Among it’s members, one will find many paladins and clerics who serve deities of light and knowledge, wizards whose research is invaluable, and many warriors of great caliber, who utilize this information in battle. The organization is devoted to the discovery and research of powerful creatures and artifacts, and uses this information to defend the realm.


Members of the Order of the Eclipse don themselves in black armor and clothing, with white affixments, and bear upon them the order’s sigil: a white ring on a field of black. It’s agents have freedom to roam across the continent, though they rarely venture into Caligo.

The Order uses a strict hierarchy within each of its three divisions. The Majority of the forces are considered Guardians, bearing the symbol of a shield within the white ring of their sigil. They act as a standing army and are dispatched to combat threats to the realm. The Scribes, bearing a quill in their sigils, have the vital task of accruing and protecting knowledge of the histories and magics of those the order may face. This task is seen as valuable above all others, as without knowledge, it is nearly impossible to defeat an otherworldly foe. Seekers, whose sigils are adorned with a single wing, act as scouts and operate in small groups. They respond to reports and sometimes conduct rangings of their own accord, searching for signs of threats.

Across each division, members are divided into nine Circles, with only one member achieving the Ninth Circle of the Order in each. Only with the demonstration of great merit, promise, and discipline may a candidate warrant advancement to the next Circle.

At present, the acting leader of the Order is Ser Gerald, who is also the High Guardian of the Ninth Circle. He is supported by the counsel of High Scribe Kellan Page and High Seeker Valenna Ondorien.

This group was instrumental to success during the Incursion of Shadow over Bridgepuddle.

The Order of the Eclipse

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