The Aspects

The Aspects are guardians, bestowed on the world by the Gods to protect the lesser races. Each of them watches over a different facet of existence. They are largely unknown to the inhabitants of Caelum, except to those who serve them. Several dark deities also found an opportunity to forge an Aspect from their power, to serve their own ends. Each Aspect is a powerful being, and each takes a different form, molded in the purpose it serves. No one knows how many Aspects there now are.

Khelmus, once the Aspect of Dreams, under the goddess Sehanine. During the Violet Night, he chose to step through the portal into The Shadowfell and safeguard the Material Plane from the other side. In doing so, he swore allegience to The Raven Queen and became the Aspect of Dread, rather than be overwhelmed by the dark energies of the plane. Seeing now that there are beings that should be feared, he instills read in the lesser races for their own safety. His form, once that of a majestic Sphinx, was twisted and scarred. He now whispers from behind a death mask, inky black raven wings sprouting from his back, standing vigil in the Shadowfell.

Rahab, The Aspect of the Secret Deep, bestowed by the god Vecna. He hears the secrets whispered to the darkness, and sometimes whispers back. He lurks below the world, guarding forbidden knowledge. Rahab’s form is nebulous and shrouded in darkness.

Brannor, The Aspect of Honor, bestowed by Torm. She is tasked with upholding the virtue of fairness in combat. Brannor grants warriors solidarity in righteous action, when there is no alternative to conflict. She can be found near great conflict, prefers the form of a great gladiatorial warrior, and will always detect a lie.

Akhena, The Aspect of Time, bestowed by Ioun. She protects the magics that manipulate time, a task that Ioun considered of utmost importance. In controlling the flow of time, she is also able to divine events that have yet to be. A master Seer, Akhena’s powers are amplified by a magical obelisk near her lair. Her power makes her location a closely guarded secret. She takes the form of a great Gynosphinx, fierce and serene.

Eistos, The Aspect of Hope, bestowed by Pelor. Without the constant light of the gods to lead them, Pelor willed the lesser races to always carry light in their hearts. Eistos carries out this divine command, granting all beings their hope and aspirations. Where hardship goes, he always follows, casting warmth on the downtrodden. Eistos is fascinated by humans, and takes a humanoid form-, that of an angel.

Dumah, The Aspect of the Beyond, bestowed by Bahamut. She watches the world from on high, where all beings seem equally small and defenseless. From the top of the world, she also gazes upward into the Skies-Beyond-The-Sky, a graceful sentinel. She takes the form of a great glass dragon, illuminated from within by starlight.

The Aspects

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