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This is an expanding collection of useful information about the organization and history of all facets of our world. I look forward to filling it as you explore. Also take a look at the tabs to the left. Collaboration is welcome, if there is a topic or character you would like added here.

The Aspects

Political Regions

The Westerlands
Te Ranul
The Expanse
The Ashen Coast
The Island

Natural Features

Faelmyr River
Key’lan Ocean
Lake Dain
River Londo
The Mere of Dead Men


The Snowcrests
The Order of the Eclipse
The Kings
The Zhentarim
The Harpers
The Lord’s Alliance
The Voidguard
The Beasts of Broken Ridge
Friends of Tallowmere
Hammers of Moradin
The Mechana Collective
Academia Perpessio
The Library of Nare
The Path of True Freedom
The Order of the Glimmering Scale
Schaedwe Monastary
The Den of Marlowe the Black


Sen (Dust Elves)
Salt Dwarves

Main Page

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