Vain Green Dragon, slain in combat near Thundertree.


Sweeping in from the lush forests surrounding Thundertree, Venomfang first made his presence known. He swiftly decimated the small population who remained in Thundertree after the volcanic ash cloud forced most residents to Neverwinter or Phandalin. Few escaped, as Venomfang ruined the watchtower at the heart of town, and declared it his lair.

Years later, a group of adventurers entered Thundertree, seeking gold, lost treasures, and revenge. Unexpectedly, this group parlayed with the green dragon, rather than slay it. It was convinced that a more fitting abode could be carved out of Cragmaw Keep, a sturdy “abandoned” castle to the north. The dragon pondered this decision, enjoying the slow corruption of these so-called heroes, and departed.

A time later, a roving band of red Kobolds found itself drawn to the young drake, and began to worship it. The dragons innate magic twisted these lesser beings into his servants, their red scales mottled with greens and browns. In return, their devotion and diligence in presenting him with treasure caused Venomfang to grow ever more powerful, at a rate many would consider unnatural. His hunger, and reach, only grew.

Again, years passed. The adventurers, now responsible for the newly reborn Thundertree, consider this growing threat too great to ignore. They set out, well-prepared, to deal with this uneasy neighbour. A tense and tenuous battle begins, and feeling the tides turn against him, Venomfang flees to once again decimate the town of Thundertree. It is during this attempt that Lord Amafrey Thundrik, aided by his companion Theren Darkfall give chase, and the beast is felled by arrow. His threat has been eliminated, and his head removed; a fitting trophy for what once could have been the last son of Thundertree.


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