Marlowe the Black

An ancient, broken Elven Warlock.


A very old Elf, Marlowe was once a warlock in service of the Archfiend Belial. Honoured highly even among fellow disciples of his patron, he sacrificed much, and garnered much favor in return. Serving the patron of Secrets, Seduction, and Pain, Marlowe had once wrought a dark reputation as a cunning manipulator and wicked sadist, earning his title in full.

Nearly a century ago, Marlowe lost connection to his beloved patron. His infernal tome conflagrated into ash, his powers waned, and his psyche fractured. After frantically attempting anything he could to contact Belial, or to discover what he had done to anger him, Marlowe discovered a glimmer of the truth, and sank into a depression.

He has since loitered in his Den, a demi-plane that now serves as a meeting point for any and all warlocks to meet eachother on neutral ground and congregate. His hair has grown long, his muscles atrophied, and his wits all but abandoned him. Marlowe has moved only twice since his self-imposed imprisonment: Once, when a warlock espousing his patronage to Fierna entered the Den, Marlowe promptly and wordlessly rose from his decades-long languor and sliced the woman`s throat. The next time, he rose and knelt before Luka, after being presented with his master`s infernal sigil.

Marlowe the Black

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