King Broginabinarr

Ruler of Fire Giants


Ruler of a small clan of Fire Giants, Broginabinarr ruled by virtue of his smithing and combat prowess. His clan raided small dwarven settlements and ambushed travellers exploring the frontier of Te Ranul. Putting his slaves to work, he mined deep into the earth until he came across an ancient chamber, miles below the earth.

In this chamber, he found a relic known as the Boulder of Annam. He also believes that the Ordning, delivered from on high by the god Annam himself, was a deception by the young races. He set his scholarly and learned serfs to decipher the carvings in the chamber, to find ways to unlock the power of the Boulder. As he unlocked more properties of the Boulder, he grew in power. He used this power to confront the Cloud Giant Tagon. Sundering his mountain domain, he claimed Tagon’s weapon, The Heart of the Mountain.

Artifacts in hand, he began his conquest. Raising a massive black keep in the middle of the wasteland from which to conduct his campaigns, he set out to rally other Fire Giant clans to his cause. His clan grew from several dozen to well over 200 strong, as well as a subjugated clan of Orcs, and other allies. the land around his Black Citadel grew arid and dry, until the earth itself ruptured, spilling lava fields around the new city for a mile in each direction.

At some point, he allied himself with Elgarr, scheming his way to more power. Elgarr provided his Orc army, rebranded The Flaming Sword of Surtur, with weapons and armor forged in Dhardaron, granting him the power to finally take the dwarven kingdom. With this alliance, Broginabinarr amasses power, until he is powerful enough to strike.

King Broginabinarr

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