A mysterious entity, bonded to Sora.


Khelmus was one of the Aspects, a being of great power, believed to be sent by the gods to safeguard the world. His form was one of a great Sphinx, protector of magical knowledge and secrets. The Aspect of Dreams, Khelmus protected the sleeping minds of all as they nudged against the barriers to other planes of existence. In fulfilling his duty, he also gifted inspiration, visions, and portents to all under his domain.

During The Violet Night, when an evil Lich opened a doorway to a realm of shadow, several gods, somewhat antagonistic to eachother, put aside their differences and worked together to stop him. Ioun, Nare, and The Raven Queen, crafted a plan to defeat Aleth, the Lich. Nare sacrificed her divinity, becoming a mortal and manifesting on the material plane. Ioun and The Raven Queen sent visions to their most powerful followers, through Khelmus, so that they could add their strength in this battle.

With the aid of Andor and the Snowcrest mercenary company, Nare fought through to the Whitehall and harnessed the powers of Khelmus, and of all Ioun’s and The Raven Queen’s followers. She was able to defeat Aleth and seal him away forevermore.

However, the door had been opened, and the plane itself was said to have stirred. This secret font of power was now known to the material plane, and we were known to it. Khelmus, servant of Ioun, knew what must be done. He swore fealty to The Raven Queen, Protector of Death. His form grew twisted, a shadowed reflection of what it once was, with four twisted horns growing out above a death mask, and wings of sleek black feathers sprouting from his back. In doing so, he became the Aspect of Dread. He stepped through the portal, sealing it, and protecting it from the other side.

To this day, some servants of The Raven Queen commune with him, to pass on grave portents of dangers to come, or to recieve them. This is considered to be both an honour and a burden.


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