Elgarr Leadskull

Dwarvish Politician and Warlock. High-ranking member of The Kings.


Elgarr is a Warlock in service of The Shadowed One. He is very elusive and secretive, grandstanding only when tactically advantageous. He takes great pride in the fact that unlike other warlocks, his patron is alive and well in the material plane.

He has placed thralls to act as pawns in his many plots. One was the Rakshasa Calphos, disguised as Elgarr, in The Den. Here it acted as a decoy, allowing the true Elgarr to conduct his business from the shadows. His many plots relied on deception and improvised manipulation.

Elgarr’s greatest ploy was a move using his connections in Dhardaron to send weapons to the Fire Giants, while disguising their destination as Caligo, and capturing children of prominent bloodlines. This threatened ties between the Lord’s Alliance of The Westerlands, Caligo, and Dhardaron, while weakening the dwarves, strengthening the Fire Giants, and attracting the attention of his Arch-Enemy.

He was vanquished in his domain by The Fellowship, but the plans he put in place have only begun to unravel.


Elgarr Leadskull

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