Derren Wester

Human Scoundrel. Spends days lazing about Phandalin.


A layabout and part-time town drunkard, Derren grew up in his father’s shadow. His younger brother Harbin was more suited to the role of Townmaster of Phandalin than he, and he grew apathetic and hedonistic from a young age. This distance caused him little upset upon the death of his brother Harbin during the attack on Phandalin. When Sildar Hallwinter took over as acting Townmaster, Derren was grateful to be free of his potential responsibility, and spends his time enacting schemes for quick coin, while prospecting and exploring the nearby wilds.

These schemes have led the party on several avenues, most noteworthy was the discovery of Black Dragonwax, which led them to the lair of a black dragon, and opened them to retaliation from Caligoian Dragonborn.

Recently, he was put in a position of power by Theren Darkfall, as he needed someone to cover up his absence and conduct his affairs remotely. Derren reluctantly accepted, swayed by the pile of gold he was offered.

Derren Wester

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