Cecilia Abthorpe

A rogue wizard, banished from her College


Cecilia was a promising young wizard, studying in Corallen. She grew disillusioned with the political landscape of the region, speaking out against Esmond Corallen, and experimenting in darker and darker magics. She was expelled from her College by Esmond Corallen, and fled to avoid persecution. She has since been considered a dangerous enemy. It is believed that she is currently residing in The Burnished Keep, keeping an eye on nearby Corallen, and plotting revenge.

She was killed in combat by the party, making her last stand in the laboratory-stronghold she established in The Burnished Keep. Her plots were revealed by a record of correspondence in her Bag of Holding. She was contacted by an agent of Colrath, a powerful red dragon, who had designs against Esmond Corallen. Providing her with use of his Hobgoblin forces and the materials and knowledge needed to expand her efforts, she was able to raise a small force of undead abominations. Colrath provided her with the bodies of his draconic opponents to experiment on, and sent his trusted lieutenant Battalion Commander Derthak to oversee her work. In return for destroying Esmond, Cecilia would be rewarded with the knowledge and materials needed to begin creation of a phylactery.

Cecilia Abthorpe

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