Welcome. We follow here the adventures, trials, and tribulations of an intrepid party of adventurers seeking their place in this world, while trying to bring it stability.

They began their journey as a mismatched group of mercenaries, seeking gold and reputation. After discovering and protecting the Lost Mines of Phandelver, they chose to stand together as a group of friends and protect the lands they call home.

They have since brought a town up out of ruins, shielded a city from dark ritual magic, and saved an entire kingdom from an Infernal invasion. They have felled great dragons, monstrous grave titans, and powerful undead spellcasters.

Their adventures continue, as the world around them grows more dangerous by the day, and passages to other worlds bring death and destruction to their doorstep.

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P.S. Note that most art used here is an approximation, and is subject to change.

The Many Gates to Caelum